The story of Lumière

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from the designer, Lior Ohayon.

I want to share something personal about the creation of the Lumière brand.

I feel it was always there. It might not have been a logo or a stamp and there might have been only one example of each item, if that, but the brand already existed.

I am Lumière: the brand is how I express myself in the world of fashion and how I frame the ideal of feminine beauty.

I truly believe that every stylish woman who lives and breathes fashion is motivated not only to look good, but also by the need to express herself, to make her own fashion statement, to receive approval and to influence other women.

In 2012, after years of searching for fashionable items to suit me, I was driven to create them. It took only one day for me to decide to pull my sketches out of the drawer and launch Lumière.

Today, I can proudly say that thanks to you, my Lumière girls, I am on the right path.

Each time I see you wearing an item I designed, I am satisfied and happy.

Lumière is my mission and every item in each collection is something I myself would wear.

Thank you for helping me spread the message.



Lumière designs are centered on style, elegance and quality while maintaining a feminine, youthful and luxurious feel.

I created the Lumière website to show you the designs and styles on offer so you share your favorites with your friends, browse, shop, and have a simple and fast shopping experience. If you decide that you want to see the Lumière collections in person, you are welcome to contact me to set up a time to meet in my studio.

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